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When you need care, the decision of where you receive physical therapy treatment is yours to make. Although asking your physician used to be the best way to choose your therapist, today many physicians are limited in their options for referral recommendations. Some of these limitations are imposed by their employer. Consider comparing All-Pro Physical Therapy to other providers. (We accept all physical therapy referrals /prescriptions no matter which facility is named on the script.)

Doctors of Physical Therapy – Not Techs or Aides

At All-Pro Physical Therapy, patients only receive care from board-certified clinicians. We do not utilize PT aides or technicians. We believe this approach is vital for fully realizing the benefits of therapy, and shortening your recovery time.

Specialized in Evidence-Based Treatment Approach – With Advanced Certifications

At All-Pro Physical Therapy we utilize the most current clinical treatment techniques as a part of a comprehensive approach to effectively treat complex musculoskeletal / neurologic pain and dysfunction.

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy specialize in Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, and Industrial Rehabilitation with expertise in the latest treatment techniques to provide you with the most beneficial treatment solutions including:

Private Patient Rooms

At All-Pro Physical Therapy patients receive individualized treatments in private patient rooms. So patients can get the care they deserve in the privacy of their own room.

Large Facilities with the Latest Technology

All-Pro Physical Therapy facilities have a full spectrum of exercise machines and rehabilitation equipment, including complete range of modalities and the most current technology.

We Value You, Your Time and Needs

Our staff really takes the time to get to know you and your unique situation, treating you as a whole person.

  • Appointments available within 24 hours
  • Flexible early morning and late evening hours
  • You are seen at your appointment time
  • Assist with every step of the insurance process
  • Offer interest-free payment plans to help anyone who has a high co-pay and/ or deductible

Patient Education

Our philosophy is that by educating patients, they become empowered to achieve better results. We facilitate your understanding of what is happening in your body and how to be an active participant in your physical therapy treatment. We will help you stay motivated to return to normal activity, and teach you how to prevent re-injury.

Independent, Physical Therapist Owned Facilities

All-Pro Physical Therapy does not have financial ties to outside investors or corporations. Hence, patient care decisions are made by the physical therapists who deliver the care.

Attain Optimum Results

We have a proven track record of obtaining superb results since 2001. This has earned All-Pro Physical Therapy the trust and confidence of local physicians, families and patients. We are known for going the extra mile, helping our patients get the best results.

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