Sports Medicine Injury Rehabilitation

All-Pro Physical Therapy, will get you back in the game…faster. Here you will find experts to help you return to your active lifestyle and compete in sports at your highest potential with programs for athletes of all ages and skill levels. Our sports medicine injury rehabilitation programs are specifically designed to meet each individual’s needs and goals.

Specialized Agility & Acceleration Training Programs

This program is designed to improve power, quickness, coordination, core stability, balance and awareness of body position utilizing plyometric and ground-based training methods. This program follows systematic progression of exercises that range from basic balance and movement skills to advanced running, sprinting and multi-directional training.

Common Sports Specific Injuries and Prevention

All-Pro Physical Therapy’s commitment to injury prevention and injury rehabilitation runs deep. We are an official Sports Medicine Practice collaborator for the STOP Sports Injuries Campaign. Please click on one of our helpful guides below to learn how to stay safe when playing specific sports.