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Successful businesses require healthy employees. Injured workers deserve personalized, caring, and cost effective rehabilitation that will return them to employment. All-Pro Physical Therapy is committed to improving the quality of care for employees, while reducing employer costs. We customize our services to meet your company’s specific needs to help build a healthier, more productive workforce.

Industrial Rehabilitation Benefits

All-Pro Physical Therapy has the expertise and specialization regarding workman’s compensation cases to help your company achieve the best outcomes possible for your injured employees by returning them to full duty work status quickly and safely.

  • Certified industrial rehab specialist
  • Prompt and proactive communication with case managers and physicians
  • Decrease health care costs
  • Reduce time off work
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve employee morale
  • Decrease re-injury rates
  • Early return to job duties
  • High levels of patient, physician, and case manager satisfaction rates

Industrial Rehabilitation Services

Work Hardening / Work Conditioning
This is an individually tailored program designed to simulate various job duties to maximize injured workers’ physical tolerance in order to meet physical demands for safe return to work. It is a two to four hour program designed to restore a patient’s strength, endurance, movement and flexibility based on the patient’s treatment objectives and goals. It also teaches and reinforces safe and proper body mechanics.

Functional Capacity Evaluation
FCE is a safe, reliable and valid test that provides an objective measure of an individual’s safe maximal physical capacity to perform work. FCE recommendations are valuable to assist the physician or other referring sources (insurers, employers, case managers, attorneys) in a more objective determination of:

  • An individual’s ability to perform the essential physical job tasks
  • Disability considerations
  • Return-to-Work feasibility
  • Appropriate job modification or job placement
  • Individual’s potential for rehabilitation
  • Case management and closure

On-Site Job Analysis and Ergonomic Assessments
All-Pro Physical Therapy can assist your business to optimize worker productivity and comfort while minimizing the potential risk factors that lead to musculoskeletal injury. We perform a comprehensive analysis of the work, workers, and work site. Then we  provide employers with guidelines for safety and give recommendations on new work area designs and adaptive equipment for maximum work area efficiency, work flow, body posturing, body mechanics, and more.

Body Mechanics Training
Lifting and carrying activities are part of most occupational tasks. Our body mechanics training program can be used to analyze the change of force the body experiences when a load being carried or lifted is manipulated. We can teach the patient or employee how to stay in an anatomically correct posture when performing various tasks related to work and activities of daily living. This posture also reduces the negative effects on the musculoskeletal system. Body mechanics training can be performed in the clinic or on-site. If performed on-site, we can provide training to all shifts.

Pre-Employment Screening
This helps assure an accurate match between the worker and the work. It provides specific correlations between job demands and an applicant’s physical capacities to perform the essential job tasks.

Injury Avoidance Educational Services
All programs are created to meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards and are available on site. The training is specific to the type of work performed. A variety of services are available including back safety, safe lifting techniques and cumulative trauma disorder prevention with the goal of empowering employees to understand and solve related problems.

Customized Solutions For Every Workplace

Every business is unique and a one-size-fits-all approach is not practical in today’s business environment. We provide customized services to offer the most beneficial and cost-effective solutions based upon your company’s health goals, budget and workforce size.

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