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Dr. David Schindler M.D | Personal Care Physician, PLLC

“All-Pro Physical Therapy is outstanding! I am a Family Physician and I have seen their work on my own patients, as well as being a patient myself. Their work has always been way above other physical therapy providers. As a patient they worked with my shoulder which under most circumstances would have required surgery. They were able to get it completely resolved with physical therapy alone. They are incredible!”

Steven Aversa

google-sm“Had suffered with severe headaches with neck and shoulder pain for 6 months. I tried almost everything. I was having a difficult time getting through a work day due to the pain. Went to my doctors fearing something was seriously wrong. They did CT scans and blood test on me. The results came back good . Then my doctor recommended ALL-PRO THERAPY. I had some doubts since nothing else worked. I worked with Danica who came up with different stretches and exercises which were a great help to me in my recovery. They increased in difficulty each week this helped build strength and relieve muscle tightness. Danica was a very positive and reassuring person to be around; this was very inspiring to me. They also used high tech equipment such as electrostim and ultra sound deep heating machine. This helped relieve muscle pain and tightness. Thanks to Danica and ALL PRO THERAPY I no longer have pain or headaches. They treated me like a FRIEND this meant a lot to me. I would highly recommend ALL-PRO THERAPY !!!!”

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Frederic F.

cs_logo“I am 78 years old and had a complete knee replacement 3 months ago. I have been going to All-Pro for the past two months. I am so impressed! They are so professional and so knowledgeable and in addition such very nice people. Very nice facilities too. Their work has my knee and legs to the point that I am going downhill skiing next week.”

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Margaret Blair

yahoopt“I have been to several physical therapy clinics over the years for various injuries but I was not really satisfied with any of them. I came across a compelling newspaper article featuring All-Pro Physical Therapy and discovered they had recently opened a clinic in my area. So I decided to give them a try, and I could not believe the difference. They exceeded all my expectations. My physical therapist was Dr. Brandon Keskitalo. He was extremely competent, very knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. He was very helpful with his description of why and how the numerous treatments that I received were important to me and how they would help me recover. Brandon’s treatment approach was exceptional and, most importantly, effective! He was able to reduce the back pain that I have experienced for over seven years by about 90% in a matter of weeks. I highly recommend All-Pro Physical Therapy to all my family and friends.”

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Larry C.

al-logo-sm“I used All-Pro Physical Therapy for my son’s physical therapy. My son had sport-specific injuries. They were very knowledgeable of the injury and were able to focus on it with the therapy. My son got back into the sport very quickly. Recently, he had a different injury and he had a sports event to attend at Thanksgiving and we had plane tickets and everything. We were concerned that he would not be able to attend if he was not rehabilitated soon enough. They worked with him and got him ready. We really appreciated their flexible program and response to our needs. I give them the highest ratings: A Grade Overall”

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Kathy C.

yp“I am a Registered Nurse and I am very picky about who I choose as a healthcare partner. Naturally, when I needed Physical therapy (PT) after a total hip replacement, I asked my daughter, who happens to be a PT practicing in Chicago, to activate her network of colleagues and find the name of the best PT in my area. Raj at All Pro Physical Therapy was acknowledged as the best there is. Now, after completing my therapy and having gained strength, flexibility, and balance I totally agree! Raj directed my recovery with a thoughtful progression of exercises that helped me transition from depending on a walker, to using a cane, and now fully walking on my own. The course of therapy wasn’t easy but I always felt encouraged by Raj. The atmosphere of the facility was very positive, with fun conversation between the staff and patients. I really felt like everyone there cared about me as a person. I was always greeted by name with a warm and genuine smile from the Receptionist when I arrived. The facility was maintained spotless. I hope I never need PT again, but if I do I will return to Raj without hesitation because I know he provides expert care with a personal touch.”

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