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Patients’ & Staff Members’ Health & Safety Is A Top Priority

As an essential medical provider, All-Pro Physical Therapy is open and working diligently to ensure that we can continue to care for our patients in need of physical therapy services, while also implementing policies and procedures to keep you and our team members safe.

We are going above and beyond universal precautions by meticulously disinfecting surfaces and sanitizing each piece of equipment patients come into contact with throughout our treatment day. Furthermore, we are providing numerous hand sanitizers for patient use. As an additional safety measure, we are practicing social distancing by treating patients in private patient rooms and separating them other patients in the gym area by well over seven feet. All employees are being screened on a daily basis. Any staff member or patient who is beginning to feel sick for any reason are required to stay home.

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Higher Standards

To ensure optimum results and shorter recovery times, all of our patients receive proven evidence-based treatments, administered by our expert physical therapists. We do not use any physical therapy technicians or aides, so you receive hands-on, exceptional care from board certified, experienced clinicians 100% of the time. We create a positive atmosphere, combined with enthusiasm to provide the best rehabilitation experience possible with the highest levels of patient satisfaction.

Every person is unique, thus they will have different physical therapy needs. We effectively identify the cause of your specific problems, and comprehensively solve those problems on an individualized basis. So you receive the most beneficial physical therapy treatment solutions to treat pain at its source and achieve your personal goals. Give us a call, and let us help you move beyond your current injury & take your health, sports performance, and fitness to a higher level.

How Do You Determine Which Physical Therapy Clinic Is Right For You?

By becoming an educated consumer, you gain the power to take charge of your health and quickly return to doing what you enjoy the most. You can choose where to receive physical therapy treatments. When you need care, your therapy experience and the benefits you receive greatly depends on the provider you select. To help determine which physical therapy clinic is best for you, consider comparing at least 2 different facilities. Give them a call or even better stop by and visit the facilities, and speak to one of the physical therapists about your medical condition. This will enable you to get an idea about the physical therapist’s level of expertise in treating your specific problems, facility’s character, and technological capabilities. 

Specifically Consider the Following Critical Requirements