Dry Needling Therapy

What is Dry Needling Therapy?

  • Dry needling is an advanced form of manual therapy.
  • It uses a dry needle, so does not contain any injectable medication.
  • The technique is designed to locate and eliminate specific neuromuscular issues that cause pain and functional deficits.

What does dry needling target?

  • It effectively targets painful trigger points associated with related myofascial and muscles.
  • A localized, hypersensitive spot in a palpable, tight band of muscle fibers.
  • The needles are inserted into myofascial trigger points, tendons, or ligaments to stimulate healing response.

What type of needles are using during dry needling?

  • The dry needle is very thin fine filament needle.
  • Most patients do not even feel it penetrate the skin.

What does dry needling feel like?

  • A vast majority of people feels very little to no discomfort when the needle is inserted through the skin into various areas of the muscle.
  • When an active trigger point is hit, you may feel a slight pain in another area of your body.
  • You may also experience a local twitch response, which feels like a small muscle cramp.

What does dry needling do?

  • Deactivate the trigger point
  • Reduce the associated pain
  • Restores the muscle’s normal functional length function

How is dry needling different from acupuncture?

  • Dry Needling use different evaluation tools.
  • The assessment is based on the understanding of western medicine.
  • The needle application focuses on specific muscles or tendons instead of Meridians.
  • The overall goal is also different.


At All-Pro Physical Therapy, dry needling is only performed by our Doctors of Physical Therapy who’ve completed extensive training and became certified for dry needling.  To learn more, please consult directly with your preferred All-Pro Physical Therapy clinic location.

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