How Do Orthopedic Conditions Develop?

These are conditions that involve the muscles, joints, ligaments, or tendons of your body. Orthopedic or musculoskeletal conditions can come on suddenly with an accident or injury or they can develop slowly over time. Acute injuries are sudden injuries occurring for example during sports, car accidents and falls. Chronic injuries develop slowly, often without a patient’s awareness, such as someone starts having pain all of a sudden in their back, neck, shoulder or knee for no apparent reason.

How Are Acute Injuries Treated?

At All-Pro Physical Therapy acute conditions are managed according to your body’s healing “schedule”. When an injury occurs your body immediately starts the complex process of healing. The role of physical therapy is to optimize this healing process. This means avoiding activities which may interfere with healing, utilizing tools and techniques to reduce pain and swelling. Progressively, your physical therapist will change your treatment plan including exercises, manual therapy and other techniques utilized to strengthen & condition the injured structures based on your unique needs. The goals include making sure the injured area heals properly, is able to resist new injury and is able to function at full potential.

How Are Chronic Injuries Treated?

For chronic conditions the healing process has either slowed down significantly or stopped, so additional steps need to be taken to stimulate normal tissue healing. At All-Pro Physical Therapy, we will devise an individualized plan to eliminate obstacles that are getting in the way of your healing process. We correct problems such as insufficient blood flow to the injured area, muscle imbalances, too much stress on injured tissues or poor balance between rest and movement.

With Extensive Knowledge & Experience

Orthopedic or musculoskeletal conditions are often complex and your physical therapy experience and the benefits you receive greatly depends on the specific expertise of the provider you choose. Our physical therapists have extensive experience and regularly enhance their knowledge by attending advanced training sessions and studying the most current scientific research, in order to provide you with the best treatment solutions to get you optimum results.

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